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Blog 21/11/2021
Unity in response to the digital urgency.

In the demo store designed by Temera there is the future of the retail experience.

Blog 03/11/2021
Food and IoT: the Advantages of Traceability in the Food sector

Technology in the food sector assumes an increasingly pivotal role, allowing the implementation of innovative solutions and optimisation of processes. Discover Now!

Blog 02/11/2021
Smart Health and Drug Supply Chain Traceability

Smart Health, Digital Health and Drug Supply Chain Traceability are now realities thanks to IoT Technology. Discover Now!

Blog 20/10/2021
Anti-counterfeiting solutions using RFID technology

The unmistakeable Made in Italy mark has always been a source of pride in our country, and is instantly recognised and esteemed the world over.

Blog 04/08/2021
NFC Tag – What it is and what it is for

NFC Tags are electronic labels applied to objects to allow data exchange over a short distance. Learn more now!

Blog 04/08/2021
How the IoT works – Meaning and Application Fields

IoT is the technology that allows you to make objects smart and make them communicate with the environment. Learn more now!

Blog 21/04/2021
Temera Cares and Bambini nel Deserto

The corporate social responsibility of an high-tech company

Blog 16/04/2021
Stop Greenwashing

Stop Greenwashing with solution t!Care powered by Temera

Blog 09/03/2021
Temera brings to life Everywhere

The Distributed Order Management platform

Blog 19/01/2021
Retailers ready to push investments in Omnichannel

Finding the right balance between cost, speed and resilience. Planning, allocation and stock management: the supply chain once seen as just ‘cost center‘ definitivel...

Blog 19/01/2021
Temera: 2020 in review

2020 will be a memorable year for an obvious reason. But that didn’t stop us from having more fascinating adventures at Temera. Here are our highlights.

Blog 08/01/2021

Second hand sales for clothing and accessories are booming. A phenomenon that could help solve the crisis of sustainability in the fashion industry.

Blog 08/01/2021
The crucial role of the supply chain in the luxury industry

The need for artisan and digital balance. Accelerating flexibility.

Blog 19/10/2020
t!Insight – Decision Intelligence

The Augmented Analytics platform by Temera.