Stop Greenwashing
Blog 16/04/2021

Stop Greenwashing

Stop Greenwashing with solution t!Care powered by Temera


There has been many debates about the fashion industry as the second most polluting sector in the world. The consumer today is aware of the environmental emergency that all the world is experiencing. This makes that he is constantly looking for products with a low environmental impact and rewards companies that invest in sustainability with commitment and perseverance. The culture about sustainable practices, also applied to the fashion and luxury industry, allows the consumer to easily identify brands that make marketing campaigns more oriented towards greenwashing than to certify a concrete commitment to a more aware manufacturing. 
Today, the modern customer expects a higher level of transparency towards the production chain and concrete actions to better the environmental impact.

How is the Fashion sector responding to the new needs of the market?


In the last twenty years the fashion industry has been distinguished for the significant change in the dynamics of production: has revised the bases of its essence and its operation, moving from integrated factories to almost total outsourcing in order to improve management and contain costs. This new system, that consists in commissioning the finished garments to external entities, has favored the increase of intermediaries, creating uncertainties between brands and suppliers. Therefore, the  brands, except rare cases, are no more owner of the production and this causes loss in information, such as the guarantee that a product has really been made where they ascertain.
Temera, thanks to technological innovation, get involved and come into play with a decisive factor in striving for transparency, providing the t!Care solution capable of keeping track of data relating to the procurement of raw materials and guaranteeing continuous monitoring.

Temera, which has always paid special attention to the planet, offers with this tool the opportunity to create a preventive reputability for companies, because it permitts the compleate traceability, that makes available all the information for a sustainability perspective and is able to get trasparent in each step of the supply chain.

The t!Care platform is integrateble with blockchain technology in a very simple way, by notarising and defining in an immutable way all the production steps of a garment on a virtual chain that describes its history.

The Blockchain guarantees a greater level of trust and operations among the players in the supply chain for the tracked activities . Temera technology offers complete transparency thanks to the uninterrupted visibility of information of the product, from origin to sale. It will reveal the weak points of the supply chain that will caused intervations to achieve a final result in the name of Green. Moreover, thanks to the storytelling of the supply chain, it will help consumers in acquiring greater awareness about the circumstances their garments were produced. "People care when they know", consumers will base their purchasing choices on brand values.
In this sense, t!Care put traceability and transparency as first steps to set new rules of behavior that aim in increasing awareness. The new way of narrating, will give the opportunity to act both individually and collectively towards a "systematic change in favor of a safer, fairer, clearer world fashion industry" (Sarah Ditty).


The fashion industry has an impact in the production of pollution that we cannot neglect.
t! Care is the solution that certifies the commitment to a more responsible and sustainable production.

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