Unity in response to the digital urgency.
Blog 21/11/2021

Unity in response to the digital urgency.

In the demo store designed by Temera there is the future of the retail experience.


UNITY represents the store of the future. A project conceived by Temera and created as a demo inside the t!Headquarter - the headquar- ters of the Tuscan company - with the aim of creating an innovative selling point concept and showing the potential of RFID technology (and more) applicable, in particular, to the fashion and luxury retail sectors. Thanks to UNITY, it is possible to experience first-hand the typical op- erational scenarios of a technologically advanced shop, meeting the specific needs of the luxury sector. 

UNITY reinterpreta l’esperienza d’acquisto

UNITY reinterpreta l’esperienza d’acquisto

RFID technology, applied to products using special tags, makes it possible to trace all information, statuses and interactions. But there is more. From a reconfiguration of the supply chain, it is possible to define new ways of engag- ing the final consumer, through specific shopping experience dynamics to embrace an authentic omnichannel experience.Everything revolves around Stylewhere, a unique and shared data platform, on which the digital voice of the product plays an increasingly important role.

Each item can tell where it is located, when it interacts with the customer, when it needs to be moved to have a better chance of being sold, and finally, once in stock, how to proceed to determine re- plenishment dynamics.

With UNITY's technology, it is already possible to operate from outside the shop, thanks to the activity of the shop windows, which are transformed into counters for the peo- ple passing by. The data collected through the flow of people entering the store produces de- tailed statistics by gender, age and origin.

Inside the boutique there are intelligent shelving units that provide information on the products on dis- play with possible combinations and availability. In addition, the fitting room is equipped with an i-Pad which acts as a real smart personal shopper, communicating sizes and colours of the selected product and suggesting combinations for an effective look. But at the same time, the fitting room is also capable of signalling garments left behind or identifying the incorrect positioning of an item on the shelf.

The payment phase is also monitored by updating the status of the tag, which will be associated with a sold item and no longer part of the shop display. And possible shoplifters will always be identified. 

«The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically accelerated the adoption of new business dynamics», explains Arcangelo D'Onofrio, Temera's CEO. «We like to call this phenomenon 'digital urgency'. We see it becoming more and more established along with an explosion of hyper-segmentation of markets that has been going on for some time. These drivers intersect, clash, catalyse and create real trends that the fashion and luxury sectors must necessarily intercept». 

The spirit of innovation has distinguished Temera since 2009, the year the company was founded, and today it counts more than 60 brands among its customers, operating in over 100 countries worldwide. The Tuscan company has become a centre of excellence in the development of tailor-made solutions based on IoT technology for the digitalisation of products in the fashion and luxury sectors.

Transparency is one of the keys to recovery for these industries, which are now obliged to provide a concrete response to consumer demand for product traceability throughout the supply chain. 

The UNITY demo store of the future is also the result of a partner- ship with a pool of high-tech international com- panies. The result is a turnkey service capable of creating immersive and engaging experiences that combine the real and digital worlds. 

t!Care: Sustainability and Transparency.

Temera has designed and implemented t!Care, an integrated solution with blockchain technology, to ensure the traceability and sustainability of the production chain of fashion and luxury companies. Transparency is the key to the recovery of these sectors: t!Care certifies the commitment to a more responsible production. With this platform, Temera offers companies the opportunity to create solid credibility with the final consumer. 

“With Unity the world of fashion can finally experience the potentials of the iot applied to retail, in order to enhance more the experience between brands and final consumer”

Irene Molinelli
Head of Unity project

“Solutions like t!journey and t!care, integrated with blockchain, bring the consumer closer to the brand through the communication of the sustainability, traceability and authenticity of the product. Temera is also the first companies to have introduced the use of nft in fashion ".

Guido Mengoni
CMO of Temera