Innovate your customer journey
Blog 27/09/2021

Innovate your customer journey


Innovating with foresight and with temerity

Following this mantra, Temera creates premium solutions that facilitate the digital transformation of the supply chain of the fashion and luxury industry.

An authentic partner, able to provide tailor-made technology, meeting the specific needs of luxury companies.

Thanks to the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for the digitization of products, companies are now ready to accelerate by enabling new business functions.
Temera has gained the necessary competences to accompany luxury brands in this evolution, and has already embarked on a path of transformation of the approach and services offered to its customers.


‘The Covid pandemic has accelerated, sometimes dramatically, the adoption of new business dynamics. We like to call this phenomenon “digital urgency”, which we see more and more rooted together with an explosion of the phenomenon of market hypersegmentation that has been going on for quite some time,’

explains Arcangelo D’Onofrio, CEO of Temera.

‘These drivers intersect, collide, catalyse, and create trends that the fashion and luxury industry must necessarily intercept.’

An advanced transformation of the industry requires the development of broader knowledge and skills than in the past. To take a step forward, it is necessary to undertake a project of processes redesigning and innovating your customer journey. 

The sphere of industrial automation expands and takes up more and more space, ready to intercept not only urgent needs, but also those challenges of the future. Working with data and using it intelligently offers a greater ability to navigate uncertain waters, highlighting valuable signals to identify opportunities that can bring concrete results.

In this context, Temera is ready to guide companies thanks to high-profile consulting services.

From a redesign of the supply chain, to introduce flexibility and resilience, we can arrive at the definition of new customer engagement methods, while reinventing shopping experience dynamics to embrace an authentic omnichannel experience.

Stylewhere traceability platform, powered by Temera, is the tool that permits to implement a fluid management of activities: no longer barriers between the various business lines and a synergistic dialogue between the supply chain and the sales department, continuously exchanging information to highlight the needs of the customers.

"RFID technology gives a digital voice to the product: they are able to tell where they are and when they interact with customers, notify when they need to be moved to have a better chance of being sold and finally, when they go out of stock, triggering the dynamics of supply."

Guido Mengoni – CMO di Temera

Temera offers a process automation and resilience design projected into the future and makes it available today.