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Blog 23/02/2023
Jewellery Traceability and Customer Experience in High Jewellery

Technologies such as IoT and RFID have changed and redefined the way High Jewellery brands and products are perceived.

Blog 30/06/2022
Temera event in Paris

An immersive two-day event dedicated to the theme of sustainability in fashion & luxury and to networking.

Blog 30/05/2022
Blockchain and Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of Bitcoin blockchains can be really high, but there are green cryptocurrencies

Blog 11/05/2022
Iot and Circular Economy

Temera is on the side of brands by offering solutions capable of accelerating the new culture of upcycling in favour of circular economy.

Blog 28/04/2022
AI Systems for Virtual Shielding of Logistics Tunnel

Tunnels that use RFID UHF technology allow extremely accurate reading of the package contents.

Blog 17/03/2022
E-commerce and IoT: Logistics, Warehouse and Anti-counterfeiting

E-commerce and IoT are two of the most popular trends in this period; find out about the role of the modern consumer among the various touchpoints.

Blog 10/03/2022
Smart Packaging: packaging that talks

We are in the Smart Packaging era where objects and packaging are increasingly interconnected. Discover Now!

Blog 07/03/2022
IoT market: 2021 trends and growth

In recent years, the IoT market has experienced double-digit growth with a slight pause during the pandemic. But the trends have picked up again now.

Blog 28/02/2022
Items Love Trees

A Social Responsibility Project that looks to the Health of Our Planet