Raw & Sourcing traceability

The t! Care module is an extension of the Stylewhere platform intended for the management of sourcing activities for raw materials. It is a tool that allows the traceability of materials, semi-finished products and production processes where it is not possible to insert a unique identification element (UHF, NFC, QR Code). Its extremely flexible nature allows you to design different sourcing 'networks' and consequently makes the module usable even in standalone mode.

– Preventive Reputability
– Sustainability Storytelling
Map the origin of all components upstreaming the value chain up to the creation of the raw materials.
Benefits span from reputation improvement up to transparency, ethical environmental sustainability.

T!Care can also become a gateway to the BlockChain technology to guarantee a higher level of trust and an interoperability among different value chain actors, concerning tracked acrivities. An agnostic engine makes the module capable of integrating with different BlockChains.

Among the various BlockChain opportunities, in a native manner, T! Care dialogues with VIRGO, the ‘trust as a service’ platform launched by Temera in collaboration with VarGroup, PwC and Luxochain.

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Sustainability Storytelling Preventive Reputability

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