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Tracks raw materials to make the production process completely transparent from the sourcing of raw and semi-finished materials

Mapping • Scoring • Grading 


In an ever-changing context, driven by the interest of companies and consumers, Temera has introduced in its Stylewhere Suite the new module dedicated to the sourcing phase. allows the mapping of raw materials (Mapping), provides transparency and enables the creation of product sustainability indicators (Scoring and Grading) helps to improve the supply chain network, in just a few steps:

  • Collects sustainability data
  • Traces the entire raw material supply chain
  • Enables transparency of finished products
  • Ensures data integrity and security in Blockchain
  • Guarantees effective communication with customers
  • Ensures preventive reputation and awareness
  • Helps generate brand loyalty how to achieve maximum transparency

By mapping data from the raw material supply chain, from breeding to production, the platform is able to engage suppliers, retrieve certifications and verify the conformity of processes to brand standards; in other words, suppliers are given a score (Scoring). makes it possible to match raw materials with finished product data to evaluate and classify the article (Grading).

Key features​

  • Supplier Onboarding
  • Complete multi-material supply chain
  • Purchasing and production processes
  • Top-Down Assignment - Involvement System
  • Bottom-Up Fulfillment - data collection
  • Blockchain Integration
  • Environmental Impact Reporting
  • Management of purpose and transaction certificates
  • An integral part of the Digital Product Passport creation process is here to create the perfect workflow.
Analysis of raw materials and finished products to measure your footprint.

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