Recognising, sorting and managing unsold goods to bring the new circular model to life

The T.upcycling module is designed to address the new challenges of the circular economy and in particular the processes of transforming unsold products, waste or unwanted materials into new, superior quality items.

An activity devoted both to increasing consumer awareness in terms of environmental, social and economic sustainability (thus anticipating EU laws that will prevent the destruction of surplus products) and the qualitative perception of the final product.

Business needs:

  • Processing unsold products
  • Recognition of unsold products
  • Automation of the classification of old products

T.upcycling: how to breathe new life into a product.

Using the combined technologies of RFID and visual recognition through artificial intelligence for old products without tags, T.upcycling provides specialised operators with the correct information for the disposal and disassembly of the specific product and the re-introduction of useful materials into the production chain.

Main Features:

Multi Modal IDentification with RFID technology and Artificial Intelligence
Stock Keeping Unit recognition system for individual products

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