Enhances store operations management by creating a fully IoT environment, maximising inventory accuracy

Through the T.retail module, the adoption of RFID technology and the product track&trace solution can be maximised. 

In a competitive environment where fashion companies find themselves forced to manage collections with limited depth for an ever-growing catalogue of products, T.retail is the only tool that allows them to find the right product at the right time, in the right place, for the right customer.

Business needs: 

  • Facilitated goods entry
  • Automated handling
  • Certified handling of goods in 'fluid and reactive' mode
  • Stock accuracy
  • Simplified sales management
  • Replenishment processes optimisation
  • Simplified store-to-store movements
  • Enablement of an IoT environment

T.retail: how to maximise in-store sales activities

With T.retail, all in-store operations, from the arrival of the product to its sale to the customer, can be tracked at the individual product level, streamlining staff activities and optimising sales processes.


Main features

  • Inbound and outbound store management
  • Zoning of shop areas.
  • Product tracking in fitting rooms, anti-shoplifting, interactive systems, shop windows and areas of specific interest.
  • Real-time inventory. 
  • Cycle Count. 
  • Customer return to shop
  • Mass return of goods.
  • Reassortment and rebalancing of products through artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Real-time sales analysis on extended sales network
  • Sales management via E-tailers & Marketplaces 
  • KPI collection for Business Intelligence

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