“The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have someone on your side.
The industry 4.0 I dream about enhances the value of people by making more relevant those activities where high intelligence is required.”

Arcangelo D'Onofrio — Founder

IoT & Digital Transformation

Temera is a centre of excellence, supporting businesses through the development of solutions based on innovative use of IoT technologies like RFID (UHF NFC) and BlockChain, specifically designed for Fashion&Luxury industry. The company stands out for its specific know-how, gained in response to a strong need to solve issues related to optimization of logistics and production processes, anti-counterfeiting, grey/parallel market’s control, from Retail dynamic up to the need to provide increasingly pervasive and loyal experiences to the customer.

Temera is the leading company for IoT solution in the Fashion&Luxury industry. The forward-looking vision, together with continuous investments in R&D, allows Temera to provide exclusive services. The company, leveraging its experience, strength and organization, is able to design, build and implement innovative, global and easily integrated technological solutions.

Temera: a concrete company with a sales turnover of €20Mil accounted in 2022

  • More than 100 people
  • 5 developer teams
  • More than 150 delivered projects
  • More than 650 million of scanned tags in 60 countries around the world

Our Offices

  • Firenze
  • Milano
  • Parigi
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