Temera Cares and Bambini nel Deserto
Blog 21/04/2021

Temera Cares and Bambini nel Deserto

The corporate social responsibility of an high-tech company


It all began at the end of 2009, in the business incubator of Pianvallico, a public space made available for startup: here "Temera" was born.
Temera aims to be an RFID technology specialized company for luxury brands, during the years when that technology was not yet mature and Temera was not based in that area of Italy not exaclty famous for IT.

Moreover, the spirit of the company is also reflected in its name: Temera is a rural municipality in Mali where conditions are adverse and yet the population lives in complete serenity. So Temera began its adventure in 2009, during the longest and most terrible economic crisis (Lehman docet). But sometimes being Temerarious pays off. 

The impact of corporate social responsibility has always been clear in the company mission: one of the goal is to redistribute resources in order to feed possible growth scenarios with positive repercussions. And Temera does it on its own native territory, promoting collaborations with a network of companies both in Mugello and to an international level.

For more than 5 years Temera has been pursuing this philosophy. One of the supported associations, with significant contributions is Bambini nel Deserto, giving life to many beautiful projects.

During the beginning of the pandemic period, Temera launched the production of 1000 masks to provide work to families in Senegal, to be offered  to children and street children in Dakar as personal protective equipment. Very colorful and with African fabrics from Kadì, a second production was intended for colleagues and friends. These are original masks, that create a symbolic contact with the lands of origin.

Progetto Garage Italia is a training school open to "vulnerable" guys coming from families in serious socio-economic situations who aspire to be profession of motorcycle and scooter mechanic. For those who finished the school, thanks to this project, are created employment opportunities and on average 7 out of 10 young people are able to find employment in the many workshops in the popular and suburban districts of the capital.

In September 2019, Temera together with a group of colleagues and friends participated with Bambini nel deserto on a mission based in Morocco. A unique experience that gave the group the opportunity to learn more about the cooperation projects carried out in the territory and deliver teaching materials, clothing and health materials to the camps and schools of the Sahara.

Following this exciting adventure, a photographic exhibition has presented in Temera headquarter. 

"Desert is not only stones and sand to be quickly explored. It is a place inhabited by people who have always been in precarium equilibrium between life and survival. Barefoot children with shredded clothes running towards me. I began to give away my clothes, in return for shy smiles and whispered shukram (thanks in Arabic)."

"I realized that I could do something and I began to work on a plan: going back to the desert before winter and bring them what they did not have and probably would never have"

Luca Iotti, Founder and President