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Blog 17/03/2022
E-commerce and IoT: Logistics, Warehouse and Anti-counterfeiting

E-commerce and IoT are two of the most popular trends in this period; find out about the role of the modern consumer among the various touchpoints.

Blog 10/03/2022
Smart Packaging: packaging that talks

We are in the Smart Packaging era where objects and packaging are increasingly interconnected. Discover Now!

Blog 07/03/2022
IoT market: 2021 trends and growth

In recent years, the IoT market has experienced double-digit growth with a slight pause during the pandemic. But the trends have picked up again now.

Blog 28/02/2022
Items Love Trees

A Social Responsibility Project that looks to the Health of Our Planet

Blog 11/02/2022
Temera & Launchmetrics: Bring sample management to the next level

RFID technology at the service of PR activities

Blog 21/11/2021
Unity in response to the digital urgency.

In the demo store designed by Temera there is the future of the retail experience.

Blog 03/11/2021
Food and IoT: the Advantages of Traceability in the Food sector

Technology in the food sector assumes an increasingly pivotal role, allowing the implementation of innovative solutions and optimisation of processes. Discover Now!

Blog 02/11/2021
Smart Health and Drug Supply Chain Traceability

Smart Health, Digital Health and Drug Supply Chain Traceability are now realities thanks to IoT Technology. Discover Now!