Unity - Future Retailing Experience
Blog 11/04/2022

Unity - Future Retailing Experience


UNITY is the store of the future.

A project conceived by Temera and created as a demo, in partnership with a pool of international hi-tech companies, at t!Headquarter, the company’s headquarters. The aim was to create an innovative store concept to showcase the potential of RFID (and other) technology, especially in the fashion and luxury retail sectors.

UNITY allows you to experience first-hand the typical operational set-up of a technologically advanced shop designed to meet the specific needs of the luxury supply chain.

The result is a futuristic hub, an ultra-technological demo show-room which offers innovative digital solutions to IMPROVE THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE, CREATING GENUINE IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES IN THE PHYSICAL SHOP to embrace an authentic omnichannel experience. 

With the help of our highly valued partners, we have reproduced a genuine luxury store with furnishings, products, store room and sales area, where the digital and analogue are merged to create a smart store.

Peuterey, a long-standing superior brand in top-of-the-range casual clothing, supplied an extensive selection of items from its collection, such as padded jackets (the brand’s hallmark product), hats, scarves, coats, outerwear and shoes to make the Unity demo store more realistic.  Proudly Italian, the brand has a global reach and is showcased in shop windows and locations worldwide, with a total look designed for an ultra-dynamic lifestyle both in the city and countryside, be it for business appointments or spending time relaxing outside the city.

Grand Mannequin, a company specialising in the design and manufacture of fashion mannequins, based on high-quality products, provided the store with beautiful customised mannequins. The company, a market leader thanks to its cutting-edge production process, can customise its product to the customer’s requirements (size, shape, posture), creating mannequins with real proportions of the limbs and muscles to best showcase the original design of the garment worn by them.

Mainetti, a world leader in the design, production and distribution of hangers and other accessories for clothing, with a strong focus on product reuse and recycling, created the range of Total Look Accessories specifically for the demo store. These include clothes racks, hangers and shopping bags with elegant, minimal lines which showcase the philosophy and visual appeal of our UNITY brand and thus become an integral part of it.

Corso Magenta is a French company leader in designing and producing highly technical, sustainable, odorless painting systems, also known for being non-harmful for people. The company covered the walls and the curtains inside our Demo store with dry painting film capable of blocking UHF waves while letting other waves, such as WiFi, Bluetoot and GSM pass through. The result is the creation of 3 different and separate areas: selling area, Smart Fitting Room and warehouse. 
This operation facilitates inventory processes and grants the total reliability of data traceability obtained through UHF technology.

Thanks to UNITY and the collaboration of our partners, it is possible to experience a technologically advanced store that meets the specific needs of the luxury supply chain.