Unity: Experience Partners
Blog 22/04/2022

Unity: Experience Partners


Temera pushed itself towards the new frontiers of retail, with the creation of Unity – Future retailing experience; a demo store completely based on RFID technology, created and designed to be a reference point for fashion companies in their digital transformation.

Thanks to the RFID solutions, applied to the products through special tags, each activity allows the complete tracking of all information: from the entry of the goods to the inventory, from the anti-theft to the sale, to the smart changing room that recognizes the product and ‘responds’ to possible requests for sizes and colours.

But the RFID technology of the UNITY space offers additional services, such as the ability to create music playlists based on the target in the store or to combine lights and sounds to enrich the shopping experience. 

Using the technology of our partner Talético, provider of complete solutions for real-time analysis of people’s behaviour within commercial spaces, it is possible to operate even outside the store, in full compliance with privacy regulations, thanks to the activity of shop windows, which turn into counters for people passing by. The data collected, through the store entry flows, produces detailed statistics by gender, age, and weather conditions, thus giving the opportunity to also know the customer’s behaviour in the store and providing us with indicators that are comparable to online analytics.

All this allows to:

  • increase the conversion rate, thanks to the improvement of communication effectiveness 
  • increase the average ticket, by detecting the degree of customer engagement, 
  • create greater customer loyalty, through the qualitative analysis of the customer experience, 
  • use the sales spaces more efficiently, to improve profitability per square meter. 

The data collected by Talètico, in the form of indicators, such as age, sex, external weather conditions, are then transmitted to Purilian, an innovative Florentine start-up that offers the first computer-composed music service designed for commercial activities, letting you broadcast music without having to pay any additional license other than that of the Purilian service, completely eliminating the substantial expense of copyright-related laws. 

Starting from scientific studies, the algorithm aims to create the most suitable musical atmosphere for the various commercial activities (and not just those), taking into account the weather, the time slot, the day of the week, and the time of year, with the goal of increasing the performance of the commercial activity. 

Just like aesthetic elements, music can also represent the identity of a brand. (Very loud, high-BPM music can facilitate rapid audience turnover in a retail space when trying to facilitate compulsive purchases; on the contrary, for well-thought-out purchases because of a certain value, the goal is to retain customers longer in the shop spaces, putting them at ease with calm and enveloping music).

The music is diffused inside the demo store through four output channels of the smallest of the K-array amplifiers, which manages to drive all eight RAILs, a Truffle subwoofer, and the diffusion in the changing rooms with Tornado speakers, thanks to the processing of the sound via the internal DSP.

Inside the demo showroom, K-array, a renowned Italian company active globally in the production of professional audio solutions, also took care of the smart lighting component and installed a total of eight black Rails, with some adjustable, elegant, and minimalistic spotlights, ideal for a retail solution, to focus the light on the product.

The system has been designed to amaze customers with captivating technological solutions and high-quality performance.

The potential of sound and light, two elements that are often underestimated, is thus achieved, thanks to the innovative solutions proposed by our partners, Talètico, Purilian, and K-array, in combination with the technology offered by Temera.

To make the solution even more complete, we decided to use a control and management system of the Demo Store, capable of integrating all systems into a single platform, with an interface that can be customized according to the wishes of the internal staff, which would speed up the daily opening / closing operations and which would allow you to dynamically control video content, digital signage and the setting of the store.
The involvement of Nextworks, a Pisan company that operates in the luxury and home / building automation sectors, has made it possible to achieve this purpose. Through the Symphony platform, entirely developed by Nextworks, the management of the showroom is made very simple and intuitive, while making the customer's visit a unique experience.

Temera’s aim is to reproduce a completely immersive user experience: the delicate integration of lights and sound sources attracts the attention of the customers within a specific area of the store and is programmed to create a specific experience for each product that the customer intends to buy. Combined with Temera’s RFID technology to provide store trend analyses, this demo space is a unique example of improving the shopping experience for both customers and retailers. 

The result is a turnkey service capable of giving life to immersive and engaging experiences that combine the real world with the digital one.