Items Love Trees
Blog 28/02/2022

Items Love Trees

A Social Responsibility Project that looks to the Health of Our Planet


We firmly believe that corporate social responsibility helps create trust, sensitisation, and encourages change for a better planet. For this reason, Temera has a history of supporting international initiatives, the scope of which is to protect the world we live in.

The company’s operations in the fashion sector will never be zero impact, despite our best efforts to limit the various forms of pollution. 20% of global water resources are consumed in this industry alone. The CO2 emissions of this sector represent 10% of global emissions and are destined to grow. In order to remedy a damaged environment, it is our duty to think of ways to regenerate it. At Temera, we are committed to identifying a formula that involves both ourselves and our clients, in favour of practical projects that lead to virtuous actions.

Every year, our clients manage at least 100 million products through Temera’s Software platform. But what if the 100 million products were to correspond to thousands of planted trees and the subsequent creation of new forest areas?

This means that in one year, with the help of our customers, we would be able to grow a forest full of trees! The choice of fashion brands to carry out projects with Temera is a sustainable choice for our planet!

To implement this project, we involved two non-profit associations: AYRIS, which deals with environmental regeneration throughout the world, and the humanitarian organisation Bambini nel Deserto, which Temera has supported for many years.

Together with our clients, we can create a chain of solidarity to support local businesses in certain areas of the African continent, in particular in Burkina Faso, to combat desertification and global warming. 

We will promote female entrepreneurship, because women are one of Africa’s greatest resources, and it is also thanks to their local work that new agroforestry nurseries will be created, along with new jobs.

We will involve school children, creating genuine environmental sensitisation. Students and teachers will plant every single tree and look after each one for three years.
We will have the opportunity to support education. In fact, for each tree under their care, schools will receive a contribution for the purchase of educational materials, desks, chairs, and all else necessary to allow children to get the most out of their school environment.

It’s time to act. The greater a company's social responsibility, the greater the involvement of the community and consumers. The young and the very young, our future, believe that companies should be involved in improving our society, and insofar as consumers, they choose precisely those organisations that openly disclose their commitment.

We have very briefly explained an important project in which we’d like you to be involved, but there’s much more. All the details of the initiative will be included in a dedicated communication.

Ours is a real and genuine call to action: together we can make a difference.