Follow the Yellow Dot
Blog 27/07/2023

Follow the Yellow Dot


Temera after its rebranding unveils the corporate video that launches the new payoff: 'Follow the yellow dot'. 

The video aims to summarise the company's mission in a new phase of its constant evolution. 'Innovation', 'Traceability', 'Sustainability' are the keywords that guided the creative team in making the short movie. One minute and thirteen seconds on the importance of technology for Fashion & Luxury products, with a significant reference to nature, because transparency and circularity are the obligatory paths of companies that want to be protagonists of a better future. Temera addresses them, in the awareness that exclusivity and luxury will be increasingly characterised by a green vision, also thanks to the updating of production methods and logistics systems that must take into account their environmental impact. 

The spirit of the video is pervaded by atmospheres where nature and technology dialogue, and where the human body represents an irreplaceable synthesis of balance. The underlying theme of technology is the link with nature, to recreate that softness of the body represented in the video by two dancers. An optimistic vision towards the integration of two worlds that will be the necessary feature of future experimentation and innovation.