Temera at Venice Sustainable Fashion Forum 2022
Events 03/11/2022

Temera at Venice Sustainable Fashion Forum 2022


Temera, a center of excellence in the development of IoT solutions, has been helping companies harness the potential of technology in process modernization since 2009. A leader in the world of supply chain traceability for the fashion/Luxury Retail sector, it was a partner in the recent Venice Sustainable Fashion Forum 2022, which was held at the Giorgio Cini Foundation on October 27 and 28.   

"We couldn't help but give our support to this important conference," says Arcangelo D'Onofrio, Founder of Temera, "the challenges that digital innovation poses to businesses today intersect with the need for the circular economy, which is now indispensable".  

Promoting cultural change was the main theme of D'Onofrio's talk: "We talk a lot about sustainability but brands are still reluctant to address the topic in depth. In fashion we talk a lot about inclusion, about gender but too little about sustainability. We are often faced with real commitment issues, still not grasping the importance of how profitable the return on investment can be, by implementing technological processes in the supply chain, which help the circular economy." 

Anticipating the transition in the market, building task forces involving governments, measuring the impact of policies by sharing minimum data for all, stimulating in Italian luxury chains the commitment to be "a vanguard of sustainability"- these are the recommendations addressed to institutions and players in the fashion supply chain that emerged from the conference.  

As explained by Carlo Cici, Head of Sustainability Practices at Ambrosetti, the firm that presented the "Sustainability Report" by consulting more than 2,500 companies' financial statements, among other sources, "What cannot be measured cannot be studied. That is why it is important to collect data to understand what impact policies applied to sustainability can have, including by starting the collection on a minimum data set: minimum wages, water consumption, chemical consumption and greenhouse gas emissions."  

"The commitment of companies must be a priority," continued Arcangelo D'Onofrio in his articulate speech, "Italian and French brands must lead the way in traceability and transparency; there is no more room for luxury that is not aware of the need for an ecological transition, which can no longer be postponed".  

The two-day conference saw alternating speeches by important players from the world of business and fashion: from Carlo Capasa, president of Cnmi- Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, to Vincenzo Marinese of Confindustria Venezia, Sistema Moda Italia, Flavio Sciuccati senior partner of The European House-Ambrosetti organizers, together with Class editori, of the meeting. Among the various contributions, those of Federico Marchetti, chair of the taskforce on sustainability commissioned by King Charles III, Shaway Yeh, founder of the green agency Yehyehye and pioneer of the sustainable fashion movement in Asia, Carlo Carraro, professor of environmental economics at Ca' Foscari-Venice, and Karina Bolin, president of Humana People to People Italia, attracted interest. 

"Sustainability is an obligatory path for businesses," concluded Arcangelo d'Onofrio of Temera in his speech, "Green and digital will be allies because, ultimately, it is the new generations that want it".