Drip and temera collaborate to revolutionise  Rental fashion operations
Press 11/10/2022

Drip and temera collaborate to revolutionise Rental fashion operations

A new synergy to improve processes and logistics in rental fashion


Milan and Florence, 12th October 2022


A new partnership set the basis of innovation in the luxury industry.


Drip, the first high fashion rental subscription dedicated to the young generations, announces its partnership with Temera, a center of excellence in the development of IOT (RFID UHF NFC) solutions for traceability and digitization of processes in fashion and luxury.


Drip is the new 'must have' for all fashion enthusiasts. It offers a sustainable consumption model based on access rather than ownership. A change that has already happened in the music industry with Spotify, in transports with Enjoy and in travel with Airbnb. In line with the logic of sharing and the circular economy, Drip users can experiment and wear different styles every month without the mental and financial commitment of buying, which often generates dissatisfaction and accumulation of unused clothing products. By paying a monthly subscription, they can choose and receive the products available on the platform, keep them for as long as they wish and replace them when they are looking for new inspiration; if they fall in love, they can buy the garments they rent.

The startup is part of the broader rental clothing market, which had an annual growth of 10.6% between 2017 and 2023. Founded in 2021, Drip's community counts more than 20,000 users who interact with the brand through several channels. Today, Drip's real challenge lies within the operations: from real-time traceability of reverse logistics processes to product reconditioning and storage.


The agreement with Temera aims to reinvent traceability operations from the outset, innovating distribution and circulation processes in order to rethink the goods tracking model and systems using the newest technology.

Augusto D'Auria, CEO of Drip says: "Our next goals are to strengthen the operations of the business and start a mutual conversation between high fashion brands and our community. We have designed a consumer model that is more suitable for the new generations. Now we will give people the chance to experience rental without damaging the brands' positioning and with a new, entertainment-based approach".


Guido Mengoni, CMO of Temera, says: "Temera is proud to launch this partnership. As a leading company in the application of IOT technologies, we selected Drip for our innovation store 'Unity'. We believe that Drip can open up new opportunities and markets for the fashion brands we deal with on a daily basis".