Temera and Tecnica Group together in a new project of digital identity and product traceability
Press 13/12/2022

Temera and Tecnica Group together in a new project of digital identity and product traceability


Florence, Dec. 13, 2022 - A product's digital identity now has strategic and cross-cutting relevance; it is a necessary tool to convey transparency and traceability. It is a response to the growing needs of consumers who are increasingly aware at all stages of purchase and intersects perfectly with the need for companies to intervene in the optimization of production processes. Digital identity also allows the construction of an authentic dialogue between company and customers.

In this scenario, the partnership between Temera, a center of excellence in the development of IoT solutions for the digitization of processes in fashion and luxury, and Tecnica Group, an Italian company among the main players internationally in the production of sports equipment, was born. 

A synergy with a twofold objective: on the one hand, to meet Tecnica Group's need to quickly and functionally retrieve information related to production flows and quality control, and on the other hand, the need to build a bridge between the company and the end consumer through a product experience and dedicated customer care.

Thus comes into play Temera's consolidated know-how combined with the use of proprietary software solutions such as the Stylewhere platform, deputed to item traceability. A versatile platform designed to integrate easily with any business application. 

The peculiarities of the product combined with the needs of Tecnica Group found in QR technology the best ally. The implementation of dynamic codes and subsequent encoding take place already in the production phase so that tracking can be activated at the time of assembly.

Through the framing of the QR code with a smartphone, the end consumer is then made aware of all the specifications of the purchased item, its maintenance up to information on proper recycling and disposal. The Stylewhere platform, designed by Temera, also provides Tecnica Group with details on user behavior at various stages of the customer journey; data useful for guiding targeted marketing choices. Digital product identity thus proves to be a real strategic asset.

An initial pilot project has been set up in the Tecnica and Nordica ski boot lines and the Blizzard and Nordica skis that will be in stores in the 2023-24 season. Other Group brands, such as LOWA, Moon Boot and Rollerblade, are part of the next phase of the collaboration.


"I am pleased to have been able to achieve this important result as well, and to have done so in a decidedly rapid timeframe, thanks in part to the involvement of the Temera project team and the use of Tecnica Group's new digital platform, designed with the aim of making the IT architecture Agile & Smart, capable of quickly activating new services to customers."
Sonia Covi, Tecnica Group IT & Digital Transformation Director

Tecnica Group

Tecnica Group is a leader in the world of outdoor footwear and ski equipment. Its portfolio includes some of the industry's historic brands: Tecnica (ski boots and footwear), Nordica (skis and boots), Moon Boot® (footwear), LOWA (hiking and outdoor shoes), Blizzard (skis) and Rollerblade (inline skates). The company is present in all major world markets, and its 2021 turnover is 466 million euros, 96 percent of which is generated by exports. The Group's headquarters are in Giavera del Montello (TV, Italy) in the heart of the Sportsystem district. About 250 people are currently employed here; significant is the presence of resources dedicated to Research & Development activities for new products and in brands. The Group operates through ten subsidiaries and direct agencies, with six owned production sites, employing a total of about 3,500 people worldwide.