Temera brings to life Everywhere
Blog 09/03/2021

Temera brings to life Everywhere

The Distributed Order Management platform

The power of data changes the way for decisions making: Temera plays the role of the 'business booster' and is ready to reinvent the omnichannel processes of Luxury Companies.

Omnichannel: is a watchword in the modern world of luxury products business. “Virtual and physical” are purchasing approaches that in the consumer's mind dialectically share service expectations, with the aim of obtaining only the advantages coming from the two types of touchpoints.

In this ultra-competitive scenario, the race began: Providing tools capable of reshaping the company's operational dynamics and Temera was ready to respond to the emerging demand of the Fashion & Luxury industry by giving birth to Everywhere: the "headless" solution capable of enter complex corporate environments and orchestrate omnichannel distribution dynamics.

<< In 6 months the market has accelerated phenomena that would have taken perhaps 3 years to manifest themselves in such a clear way >> explains Arcangelo D'Onofrio CEO of Temera << by imposing unprecedented energies to redesign business processes. >>
Marco Ruffa, CMO amd also head of the team dedicated to omnichannel projects confirms:  << In my previous entrepreneurial adventure I proposed a full service provider for online sales to companies in the sector. Today, with Everywhere, we provide a solution aimed at solving a persistent industry need that has exploded dramatically today: balancing market hypersegmentation and service potential. >>

Inside companies, the ecosystem in which the Temera-branded solution is inserted, is complex and fragmented. Many realities have addressed the omnichannel issue without designing a correct way to circumvent obstacles deriving from the distribution configuration; it is often difficult to match product availability, and stocks are segregated in "silos" preventing products to move fluidly to comply customer requests. Moreover without considering the manual operation determined by multiple applications that are manually aligned by the operators without these being really orchestrated.

The significant difference that Everywhere can bring to Fashion brand is an ability to operate in “near-realtime” mode thanks to sophisticated data management dynamics and information harmonization between different legacy systems - from erp to ecommerce suite up to crm - to provide a unique view to the end customer and to the sales staff in the shops.

Moreover, Temera suite is different from competitor products for the sublimation with the use of RFID technology: for companies that have already adopted identification and traceability solutions, it will be easier to guarantee stock accuracy and instruct Everywhere with a “single source of inventory”.

Product availability is constantly evaluated by a decision-making intelligence engine that can balance very complex parameters before implementing a "fulfillment" strategy, consequently responding to the consumer's request: the delivery expectation is balanced with the cost of personnel who will take care of the shipment, with the impacts due to the distance of the different locations that can make a product available.

Today, more than ever, the challenge is to make a constant change, and Temera continues its course by proposing as a driver for a visionary innovation with a “temerarious” spirit.

The attention to the customer, the sales ceremony, customer care and related services are fundamental ingredients for listening to the requests of the end customer and translating them into enabling technology for the evolution of the business.