Temera, Laika and Stride at Milan Design Week
Press 18/04/2024

Temera, Laika and Stride at Milan Design Week

Artificial intelligence applied to motorhomes, for slow travellers


Florence, April 18, 2024 - Temera, a leader in providing IoT solutions for businesses, Laika Caravans, a leader in caravan production, and Stride, a leading company in Open Innovation processes, come together for an Artificial Intelligence project applied to the Kreos Motorhome, the iconic camper exhibited at the Milan Design Week.

Laika's story began about sixty years ago, at the dawn of space exploration, when the future was being talked about and this word was associated with space achievements. The name Laika - and its logo, a greyhound - recall the namesake dog sent into space by the Russians. The passion for technology has remained within the group, which has applied increasingly sophisticated features to its caravans to ensure functionality and comfort.

The meeting with Temera and Stride was motivated by the desire to create a unique engagement during the Milan Design Week, where attracting public attention is an increasingly difficult challenge.

To differentiate themselves, establish deeper relationships with customers, and conduct "data collection," an innovative Artificial Intelligence solution has been developed, capable of generating content automatically and offering a personalized experience. Through the application of multiple strategically positioned NFC tags on the camper, and by bringing their smartphone close to these tags, visitors can access a landing page designed to provide them with a unique experience.

The user is faced with two questions: the selection regarding their preferred destination and the mood and sensations they expect from the Laika branded journey.

Once these two questions, which generate 120 possible combinations, have been answered, the Artificial Intelligence will be able to produce a potentially infinite number of visual contents, referring to Laika and its aspirational world. Once the content, unique and different with each interaction between AI and user, is generated and the user leaves their email on the system, it can be shared by the customer on all their social platforms or simply kept as a memory of the experience.

In increasingly saturated communication contexts, where it is difficult to obtain direct customer engagement, the technological solution devised by Temera in partnership with Stride has allowed fine-tuning between AI, brand identity, and visual guidelines to generate a memorable experience. The engagement project was fully implemented in-house and with record timing: in one month, concepts, visuals, software, and graphic interfaces were put in place, all potentially replicable across different ranges and contexts for the brand.