Temera and Dora Bruschi, a digital passport for eco-friendly cosmetic products
Press 20/02/2024

Temera and Dora Bruschi, a digital passport for eco-friendly cosmetic products


Florence, February 2024 – Temera, a Beontag company and leader in product traceability and serialization in the fashion and luxury markets, announces an agreement with the skincare and makeup company Dora Bruschi: the application of technology to a cream and an eye contour fluid, for the traceability and transparency of products oriented towards eco-sustainability

Temera has developed a Digital Product Passport (DPP) for two of Dora Bruschi's "must-have" products - the moisturizing cream for sensitive skin and the eye contour fluid - providing customers with comprehensive information on the two cosmetics. 

By bringing their smartphone close to the NFC tag placed on the packaging, the end customers can access an immersive experience where they can acquire information on all steps of the supply chain: technical specifications, ingredients, usage instructions, photos and videos of the products, sustainability data, and even a link to connect to the e-commerce platform and discover other related products, as well as a podcast to learn about the brand's heritage. The DPP developed by Temera enables an engaging experience for the end customer who wishes to delve into the contents of the purchased cosmetic, thanks to the integration of an NFC tag connected to the T.journey cloud platform, provided exclusively by Temera. 

The packaging for these two products has been made using non-plasticized, 100% recyclable paper. The traditional leaflet with usage instructions is eliminated, all the pieces of information are printed inside the packaging. 

Dora Bruschi is increasingly oriented towards eco-sustainability, through traceability and transparency of its products: Temera's contribution to this strategy is crucial to guarantee authenticity and protection of information.

Dora Bruschi 

Dora Bruschi, a century-long history, is a cosmetics company founded in 1934 by Berta Casamenti who acquired skills and know-how from Helena Rubinstein in Paris. Back in Italy, she set up the famous school for beauticians in Florence, producing a varied line of cosmetics. Today, Dora Bruschi has been taken over by two Italian entrepreneurs who are relaunching it on the market of high-end products, in a younger and more glamorous key, in line with the eco-friendly needs of the most skin-conscious customers.