Our New Brand Identity
Press 10/07/2023

Our New Brand Identity


Temera, a leading digital enterprise in IoT solutions for the Fashion/Luxury & Retail sector presents itself to the market with a new image, from rebranding to the declination of the corporate identity.

"We decided to change image to update the group's mission," says Guido Mengoni CMO and CDO of Temera, "which, since the year of its birth, 2009, has undergone several evolutionary phases.

The new image summarizes the technological soul of our company, an engine of digital innovation for fashion and luxury companies. We are now a reference point for international realities and we believe it is essential to communicate our skills and values visually as well."

The new corporate image focuses on the "yellow dot", the dot that represents the cell in which the digital DNA of the products resides and will be the recurring symbol in the communication.
The composition of the logo is designed to balance the graphic elements to achieve an aesthetic balance. The dot, representing the chip, is the element of novelty that is added to the brand, incorporated by the arm of Temera's initial, the letter T.

The spirit of Temera is contained in the name, which refers back to the name of a rural African area, in Mali, where living conditions are difficult but the population lives in an atmosphere of serenity. Temera's entrepreneurial mission has its heart in digital innovation, and the company speaks of fashion, luxury, retail, techonology, and sustainability. Courage in facing new scenarios, specialization in the hi-tech world, traceability and sustainability, and an abstract and aspirational image are the cornerstones that inspired the restyling, curated by the Florentine agency We Rad.

Temera's new corporate identity is contained in a BrandBook that gathers every element necessary for communication, from fonts, to graphic symbols, to image declinations.