Temera Event 2023: “Fashion Brands and New Generations: What's Next? Digital Twin and Retail Innovation”
Events 06/07/2023

Temera Event 2023: “Fashion Brands and New Generations: What's Next? Digital Twin and Retail Innovation”


The 12th Temera Event titled "Fashion Brands and New Generations: What's Next? Digital Twin and Retail Innovation" was held in Forte dei Marmi on June 22. The event by Temera, the leading digital company in IoT solutions for fashion/luxury and retail, welcomes every year in a prestigious location CEOs, Directors, CIOs, CMOs, ESG Directors and Digital Transformation Directors from all over Europe and this year it was attended by an outstanding speaker: the internationally renowned photographer Oliviero Toscani.

They talked about Digital Twins and Digital Passports, Traceability and Retail Innovation, groundbreaking and revolutionary companies adopting the NFT system to achieve unprecedented traceability and transparency in the Web3 era, thus enriching the customer experience and enabling businesses to optimize production and costs, without neglecting the virtuous – and mandatory - pathways to the circular economy to ferry businesses into a green future.

Business transparency, traceability, circularity and retail were the watchwords of this meeting, at the end of a day of "leisure," during which guests engaged in sports activities and tourist excursions.

On the stage of the Henraux Foundation, among marble sculptures, in a striking setting of industrial architecture, Francesco Pieri, Managing Director of Temera and Marcio Muniz, Vice President Digital Transformation Enabler of Beontag, greeted the guests and showed the audience the company's strategy for the years to come.

"Over the past 10 years we have managed to grow significantly, investing heavily in research and development and acquiring companies with great potential, such as Temera. Beontag's desire is to continue to invest and ensure the company's growth in the years to come," said Marcio Muniz.


The speaking session, moderated by Marc Sondermann, began with Temera founder Arcangelo D'Onofrio taking a thought-provoking and defiant approach to luxury scenarios in increasingly digitized and circular economy-oriented enterprises. With the conversation between Guido Mengoni, CMO and CDO of Temera, and Daniela Ott, General Secretary of Aura Blockchain Consortium, the conference got into the swing of things, examining the Digital Twin and how businesses can take advantage for a more evolved view on traceability and transparency in the Web 3 era.

"We speak to luxury and fashion brands everyday. We can predict that consumers will be asking the brands in a couple of years for their receipt and their digital product passport or their digital twin. When joining the Aura Blockchain Consortium, the brands are starting their blockchain journey with all other luxury member brands, as the Aura Consortium is about collaboration and shared learning” Daniela Ott said.

This was followed by a panel discussion featuring Alexandra Lupas, Corporate Projects Director Prada Group, Gautier Pigasse, Head of Innovation, Blockchain & NFT at LVMH and Giulia Brotto Innovation & Blockchain Project Manager at LVMH, who presented use cases from Prada and Loro Piana, while Maison Margiela, from OTB Group, was presented by Daniela Ott.

Maurizio Capobianco, Area Vice President of Salesforce spoke about Artificial Intelligence and New Consumer Trends with Vasilis Dimitropoulos, VP Global Client Services and Product Care at Gucci.

“Generative AI is revolutionizing our daily lives and is undoubtedly here to stay. One of the areas where it can be more effective is to define and personalize customer experience. Salesforce is helping the companies to implement that infusing Trust in AI. By prioritizing ethical considerations, data privacy and human values, we can shape a future where artificial intelligence provides the right values to all stakeholders, including customers, companies, and employees." Maurizio said.

A focus on omnichannelality applied to retail was the insight of Giovanni Faccioli, Partner Fashion Luxury Global Practice Leadership at Deloitte, Letizia Tancredi Regional Sales Director at Saleforces and Vassili Daronnat, Solutions Consultant at Aptos Retail. The last panel discussion on brand case histories featured Marco Ruffa, Digital Transformation Director & ESG Lead Pinko, Marco Benasedo, Chief Information Officer Boggi, and Ennio Piccirillo, Innovation and Transformation Director Bulgari.

The conclusion of the conference was by Oliviero Toscani, one of the most important and well-known photographers in the world who revolutionized the traditional way of communication with some advertising campaigns that already belong to the history of photography. His work has been exhibited in international museums but, above all, as he said, in the squares and streets of cities, visible to millions of people who have admired, sometimes detested, but always discussed his images.

He has been, among his many activities, a longtime contributor to the French magazine ELLE and the Benetton brand and has published several books. It was a privilege to hear from his voice his thoughts about the way of understanding photography and creativity applied to every expression of work. "I would like to make a great campaign to promote peace, against war," was the message Toscani left to the audience, which applauded him at length.

The day ended with a gala dinner in the beautiful setting of the Henraux Foundation, a leader in marble quarrying and processing and a patron of the arts with the annual Henraux Prize, dedicated to sculptors under 40.