Blog 27/05/2020


Innovation and engagement made in Temera delivering full Digital Customer Experience


A whole new level of engagement.

t! Journey is the Temera solution capable of enabling a new touchpoint in beahavioural marketing by involving customers and brands within a new communication paradigm. The user interacting with an NFC-tagged product can access a new dimension of content that has been created to engage them both during the in-store and after-sales experience.

In the pre-sale phase, the customer can get in touch with informations like price without the use of a classic tag, discover technical data or get ‘how to wear’ advices. During post-sale phase, the customer can have the guarantee certificate and ad hoc experience in order to feel part of the brand thanks to a series of special contents.

Furthermore, the information within the TAG can also provide useful support to the sales process at the associated Store. t! Journey is an integrable and modular system that allows you to track interaction behavior, authenticate products and deliver 1: 1 digital content with full access to data visualization of the entire stream.

On a window or worn-out, kept in the closet or ready to show off. Product is the most relevant touchpoint with the Brand and t! Journey can turn it into an interactive gateway to digital contents.
Result? 30% improvement in loyalty and 20% increase in sales.

Case study

t! Journey is the gateway to innovation in the marketing field