TVS – Temera Virtual Store
Blog 13/05/2020

TVS – Temera Virtual Store

Countering customer’s needs with new terms


What form and aspect will shops take when they eventually open:

Is the imperative interrogative both operators and consumers are asking themselves now that we are entering the post-pandemic phase.

The one thing we can be sure of is that when people do eventually start again with sopping, the stores they visit will be radically changed.

And with this in mind we at Temera (as always proactive in the creation of quality solutions for the Fashion&Luxury sector) have devised a new platform TVS – Temera Virtual Store.
What form and aspect will shops take when they eventually open:
To attract customer flow to their boutiques, the Retailers will need to be even more creative in their approach.

TVS will prove to be an indispensable tool able to help companies evolve in the digital world and offer clients an exclusive contact experience with their brands.
Some of the old rules will continue to apply:
by giving clients a good reason to visit the store and offering them a unique experience, they will be happy to spend there. It is of a widespread opinion that completely new approaches and attitudes are emerging: particularly in services like “Curb-side pick up” and the ever increasing demand for “Personal Shoppers”.

These new approaches and attitudes will become commonplace not only in Luxury boutiques but will also filter over into and infiltrate the philosophy of the Omnichannel services, which until now have been untouched.

It will certainly be fascinating to see how the role of the sales assistant evolves, once the motors of retail start up again. They will no longer have a specific role on the shop floor, rather they will become personal shoppers, social media managers, and content creators.

TVS is the platform that will allow them to realise their full potential.