Blog 28/05/2020


The marketing campaign launched by Temera which presents innovative services to help businesses recover, post-coronavirus


IoT Solutions for Fashion&Luxury: with Temera, business becomes 4.0.

The first campaign is designed to launch a communication platform under the slogan , “Re-invent”, placing the need to imagine - together with clients - a different future at the centre of corporate strategies. Innovation, new projects, the implementation of global, easily integrated innovative technologies. These are some of the main topics in the campaign publications and it was made possible thanks to the consolidated know-how of the entire team.

From the supply chain to the dynamics of managing shops, from enhancing data through artificial intelligence to new touchpoints with the end consumer, the need is to “Re-invent yourself”.

“The evolution of the luxury market, according to experts, is still uncertain but the effects of the pandemic will be felt heavily. However, we believe that focusing solely on the financial impact could be a mistake for companies. Change requires thinking outside the box, adopting solutions with a high technological content amongst others, and revolutionising business processes”
Arcangelo D’Onofrio, CEO at Temera

Re-invent your supply chain

Speed up and optimise are just words.
Then the facts come in: time-to-market reduced by 6 days and sales increased by 1.2%.

Temera solutions can jump-start supply chains, reducing time-to-market and increasing sales.

Re-invent the shopping experience

There is a new way of bringing your brand to customers.
TVS helps you improve your conversion rate by up to 14 times and increase sales by 70%.

Helping companies transpose the exclusivity of the contact experience with their brand to the digital world.

Re-invent your decision making

Big, small, organised and unstructured. Data is one of your greatest assets.
t!Insight can give you the ability to exploit data and create value. Cut times, speed up decision making.

To leverage the enormous volume information generated by the use of IoT technologies (RFID UHF and NFC).

Re-invent the customer journey

In the shop window, worn, kept in the closet or ready to show off. The product is the best contact point with the Brand and t!Journey makes it interactive. The result? Loyalty improved by 30% and sales up by 20%.    

To access a new dimension of exclusive content for the customer and to involve them both during the in-shop experience and post-sales.

During lockdown we developed a sort of “nerve centre” to rethink communication with our clients and, through a network of close contacts with them, we talked about the evolution of the pandemic and suggested best practices to resolve real issues experienced by luxury companies. We got accustomed to thinking differently and looking at things from another perspective: from there we got the inspiration for the communication campaign.
Marco Ruffa, CMO at Temera