How can the adoption of NFC technology revolutionize the marketing of a Brand?
Blog 03/09/2020

How can the adoption of NFC technology revolutionize the marketing of a Brand?


From big data analysis to marketing solutions, the technological tools at our disposal are evolving more and more.

The most conventional channels and methods of communication such as advertising and mailing are now being superseded by new technologies, capable of interacting in an increasingly direct and interactive way with the customer:

A company must know its consumers thoroughly, the relationship they have with the brand and their shopping experience, be able to know in greater detail as possible the various steps of the Customer Journey in order to have effective communication.

The NFC technology becomes fundamental for a real Omnichannel strategy aimed at adding an additional touch point, focusing on something not contemplated until now: the PRODUCT.
From big data analysis to marketing solutions, the technological tools at our disposal are evolving more and more.
The NFC Technology becomes the ideal tool for creating that hybrid process that changes the concept from:
“Make Things People Want > Make People Want Things”
in the contemporary version of:
“Make Things People Want in Real Time”
The NFC gives the opportunity to take advantage of the most empathic phase of the relationship between customer and brand: the moment of use of the product by the consumer.

At that moment the brand can launch the right message in a phase in which the customer is particularly sensitive and motivated to purchase an additional service or product, as they are experiencing an intimate interaction with it.

Thanks to our platform, it is possible to switch to a very effective communication method, from a push logic to a pull logic.

Thanks to the simplicity of interaction of NFC technology, the customer get in touch with the object from which he can access precious information.
The product becomes a direct channel to the brand, a privileged and direct access to the brand.
For this reason, the digital proposal must be a place full of information and dedicated content that the customer aspires to know, and this gives great value to the brand.

Why is NFC technology considered an added and necessary value for the Brand?

1. One more reason to buy a product:
An object desired by the customer, which has a story to tell, don’t you think it can become even more requested and coveted by the customer?
A demonstration video of the garment worn, the coolest way to use it, the most suitable combinations to show it off. The object becomes the central element capable of establishing a continuous and direct communication channel between customer and brand.
2. Marketing support:
Knowing the tastes and preferences of each target of a Brand’s audience offers the possibility of reaching customers with the right proposal at the right time, meeting their pleasure and exactly targeting their preferences. NFC technology is a fundamental enabler to create a direct connection between customers and marketing, giving the Brand the possibility of accessing valuable information, in order to be able to provide a “tailored” offer, demonstrating the true value of the Brand.
3. New experiences for customers:
The smartphone has become a part of most people’s daily life. It is a tool that permits the access to the very rich world of experiences created specifically for the customer. NFC technology is capable of enabling innovative programs, which help to create traffic in stores and strengthen brand loyalty.
4. NFC technology puts the power in the hands of the consumer
In a world where we are continually bombarded with unwanted advertisements, annoying pop-ups and other intrusions and distractions, NFC gives users greater control over interactions, allowing them to initiate actions with ease. This is why, in the research conducted by Strategy Analytics, consumers preferred NFC for a wide range of retail use cases.