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Blog 01/07/2020

Temera & Laika

Temera business doesn’t stop and reinvent the Delivery


After the slowdown of the delivery activity, due to the lockdown period, Temera is ready to start again with a new gear, proposing a new smart modality to perform technical set up and installation in Italy and in Europe. A new way to move safely to guarantee the health of the Temera team and for the customer’s employees.

The idea was born after the mental process that was the base of the “Re-invent” communication, published last May.

“During the restart we have perceived a sense of ferment from our customers.
Going ahead day by day, we have become a trusted partner for Fashion&Luxury brands, supporting them in each phase of their life.
Certainly, the contingent situation has encouraged our engagement” declares
Arcangelo D’Onofrio, CEO di Temera
The necessity to “Re-start” has expanded also for Temera internal process, that has risked to be compromised, because of the pandemic period, generating delay and inconveniences for customers.

Laika, Italian leader company in production and commercialization of camper van and motorhome, brings forward with passion a decision an innovative vision from 1964.

The goal is offering functionality, Italian Design and a professional and specialized post-selling service to the customers.

With this value, Laika is the protagonist that has made the difference in Tourism history and in the journey style.
“We know very well that our ideas are stubborn, strong, audacious and also “Temerarious”. Maybe for this reason, we have found consent and approval by our best customers. Laika & Temera have a lot of core values in common, and we are very proud to have found a great support with this excellent company, which has supported us in building a new approach for installation of our solution. After the Reinvent of customer’s processes, bringing the benefit of RfId Technology, we have also create a small in-door revolution: we have “Reinvent the delivery” concludes Arcangelo D’Onofrio
Thanks to Laika, that has provided the versatile Kosmo Campervan 6.0., Temera technical team is able to move everywhere, organizing with efficiency their travel, managing more destination in complete autonomy and reaching industrial realities where is necessary a direct intervention, limiting the superfluous movements.

In the critical situation that all the world is facing, this innovative idea contributes to ensuring the safety of the technicians and at the same time protecting the health of the employees in the production companies.
“With Laika’s marketing team we have established an excellent feeling: they understood the challenge, making the versatile Kosmo Campervan 6.0 available to us.”
Irene Molinelli, Marketing & Event Manager Temera

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