Temera and Tod's collaborate on the Digital Product Passport for Di Bag
Press 30/11/2023

Temera and Tod's collaborate on the Digital Product Passport for Di Bag


Florence, November 2023 - Tod's has partnered with Temera, one of the leading companies in product traceability and serialization for the fashion and luxury markets, to create the Digital Product Passport (DPP) for its iconic custom-made Di Bag.
Through the use of this innovative solution, Tod's can convey to the customer all the information about the bag and the entire production process, highlighting the origin of materials, production processes, and quality, sustainability, and transparency features that ensure the value and identity of Di Bag over time.

The DPP also allows the brand to ensure the authenticity of the product, providing the buyer with a certificate of ownership and certifications of raw materials, while also communicating the Group's commitment to sustainability. The security of these certified pieces of information is guaranteed through the use of blockchain technology, which allows the saving of the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) associated with the Digital Product Passport in one's wallet. Thanks to the inclusion of an NFC (Near Field Communication) tag in each Di Bag, the customer will be engaged by the brand in an inclusive and stimulating experience.

NFC tags are unique identifiers used to transmit information, allowing the customer to read information at close range using a smartphone.

The T.journey platform (an exclusive solution by Temera) has created and provided the "customer experience," conveying information and collecting data related to interactions between the customer and the product, along with relevant analyses.

"The benefits are manifold," says Guido Mengoni, CMO of Temera, "including sharing traceability, sustainability, and product authenticity information with the end-user. Moreover, by using blockchain technology to authenticate physical products, connecting them with the manufacturer and owner throughout the entire lifecycle, Tod’s has a unique opportunity. Owners of custom-made products can stay in constant contact with the brand, enjoying exclusive information and content."

Elevated standards, product quality and sustainability, combating counterfeiting, and information on supply chain traceability are the priorities of the digital passport. Through this, Tod's promotes brand integrity, transparency, and further strengthens customer engagement and experience.