Monitor for Circular Fashion 2022
Press 26/09/2022

Monitor for Circular Fashion 2022

Temera is confirmed as a partner and solution provider of the Monitor for Circular Fashion 2022, the first observatory on circularity in the Italian fashion industry promoted by SDA Bocconi.


Fashion and circularity represent a combination that has become inescapable, a now pressing challenge that concerns and involves all players in the sector. Temera, thanks to its consolidated know-how of fashion-luxury related processes and its technological offering developed in favor of traceability, is confirmed as a partner and solution provider of the Monitor for Circular Fashion 2022.

A multi-stakeholder project involving leading fashion industry companies and supply chain actors, with scientific input from the SDA Bocconi Sustainability Lab and Enel X for the identification of circularity KPIs. In its multi-year plan of activities, the observatory analyzes the evolutionary dynamics of the reference sector and its main segments and examines its alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals, part of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

During Milan Fashion Week, held from September 20 to 26, the Monitor for Circular Fashion Manifesto 2022 was presented, whose data guided the implementation of eight pilot projects in various areas: from clothing to footwear, from leather goods to denim.


The objectives of the pilot projects, consistent with those of the Monitor for Circular Fashion, are as follows: 

  1. Initiate teamwork among ingredient brands, brands & retailers and service providers 
  2. Build reliable sustainability claims to combat greenwashing 
  3. Implement and test industry-specific KPIs on real products, referring to all circular fashion activities 
  4. Implement eco-design principles in a real product 

Projects for which Temera offered its expertise and made available the t!Journey platform, a solution for the development of mobile-oriented experiences aimed at the end consumer with the goal of promoting increasingly transparent brand communication. In this case, the experiences are accessible through a QR code on the pendant of each item; by scanning it, the user can view detailed and timely information about the materials used in the manufacture of the item, the processing, as well as best practices in terms of sustainability.  

"Through the use of the t!Journey platform, we told the story of a product's journey, from the collection of raw materials to distribution to the end customer, with the possibility of downloading documents such as certifications and information on the origin of raw materials, thus creating the certified digital twin of the product. The result makes it possible to bring to value the concrete commitments of companies on the issue of sustainability, fighting the phenomenon of green washing at its root" explains Marta Carovani part of Sustainability Team of Temera.

The Manifesto shows the research results and macro-trends that emerged from the analysis carried out and emphasizes the ability of companies to apply the principles of the circular economy, presenting concrete proposals for embarking on a virtuous and irreversible path toward a common direction. 

"All the pilot projects, in which Temera is a partner, were the result of true teamwork and a convinced synergy between companies operating in the sector at various levels of the supply chain, proving that building a dialogue between all the parties called to action (the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe has launched a real call to action in favor of traceability and transparency) is certainly fundamental to incentivize change toward increasingly sustainable fashion."

Irene Molinelli, Marketing & Communication at Temera.