t!Insight – Decision Intelligence
Blog 19/10/2020

t!Insight – Decision Intelligence

The Augmented Analytics platform by Temera.


Organize and manage your data: an indispensable tool for brands in today’s market.

Knowing how to enhance and exploit information will help being ready at the right time with the right tools to get the best out of mutated market conditions.

Adopting simple “intelligent” easy to read platforms will determine an immensely competitive advantage for brands in the very near future.

The t!Insight platform patented by Temera is designed specifically to exploit the enormous amounts of information generated by IoT (RFID UHF & NFC) technology.

An extremely powerful analysis engine that allows the “continuous monitoring” of associated phenomenon with an easy to use intuitive tool.

An indispensable support tool, the platform helps accelerate decision making and aids a proactive response to meet the demands of an ever evolving market. t!Insight opens a door into the future and introduces a new approach to analyzing a wealth of data already available.

Why it is essential to invest in “Actionable Insight”: from simple technology to a real revolution of the decision making process.

Solve complex problems and discover new opportunities. From the re-routing of production to tackle the changing industrial conditions, to the discovery of new marketing opportunities. Taking on board the new dynamics of “Decision Intelligence” will bring about large scale tangible business gains.

Detect fraud. A mix of various analysis methods can help identify particular patterns and prevent fraud. Luxury brands are subjected to threats from the parallel market on a daily basis and a high quality behavioural analysis allows for an in-depth examination of the sales network real time. This real time analysis will identify any anomalies that could represent fraud, grey market or any persistent advanced threats.

Optimize marketing campaigns. The augmented analytics are applied to determine the response or the acquisitions of clients as well as promoting cross-selling opportunities. The predictive models help brands to attract expand and build customer loyalty of their most viable clients.

Improve operations. Using predictive models to predict stock inventories, best sellers and slow movers will optimize the management of resources. It is however also possible to obtain the absolute best in terms of sales by “pressing” the inventory in terms of accuracy with RFID technology. Obtaining the highest level of service and being able to satisfy personal demand in the omnichannel dynamic is very appealing from the point of view of the client.

Increase sales. A continuous monitoring of product movement within the shop, from movement among the various display areas to fittings can produce advanced analytics able to identify certain dynamics within retail which may be be used to target efficiency and an increase in sales. From floor planning ideas to programmed garment matching for the fitting rooms, the platform can present real time assistance for the sales staff as well as allow clients a more proactive participation therefore improving the level of sales attention.

Extensive or exclusive, organized or deconstructed. Your data is a valuable asset. t!Insight will give you the opportunity to use it to the full and add value. Cut down on time and speed up the process.