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Mapping • Scoring • Grading 


In a changeling context driven by the interest of companies and consumers, Temera has introduced in its Product Suite the new module dedicated to transparency, mapping, and sustainability of raw materials.


t!Care helps enhancing your supply chain network, in few steps by:

  • Collect Sustainability Data​​ 
  • Trace the entire raw materials supply chain​ 
  • Get Finished Product Transparency​​ 
  • Blockchain Data ensurancy​ 
  • Effective Customer communication​ 
  • Preventive reputation​ and awareness​ 
  • Brand loyalty 

t!Care: how to get full transparency

By mapping raw material supply chain data, from breeding to manufacturing, the platform can onboard Suppliers, retrieve certifications, and verify processes’ compliance to the Brand’s standards, in other words, Suppliers are scored.

T!Care enables matching raw material with finished product data to rate and grade the item. 

Key features​

  • Suppliers Onboarding​ 
  • Complete multi-material supply chain​ 
  • Buy & Make processes​ 
  • Top-Down Assignment - engaging system​ 
  • Bottom-Up Fulfillment - data collection ​ 
  • Blockchain integration ​ 
  • Environmental impact reporting​ 
  • Scope and Transaction Certificates management is here to create the perfect workflow.
Analysis of raw materials and finished products to measure your footprint.

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