Tradition and innovation meet: temera and the Italian brand Faliero Sarti together for an exclusive NFT project.
Press 20/06/2022

Tradition and innovation meet: temera and the Italian brand Faliero Sarti together for an exclusive NFT project.


Temera and Faliero Sarti, an historical Italian brand of clothing and accessories, specialised in the production of foulards and scarves, give life to a new product digitisation project. The initiative involves the launch of 100 limited edition scarves, where the integration of artisan skill and technology once again offers new and interesting scenarios tied to the brand experience. 

Every scarf is in fact equipped with an RFID tag on a personalised label, representing a point of encounter between the real and digital world. Simply tapping a smartphone opens the door to an original digital experience made possible thanks to the use of the t!Journey platform, conceived and designed by Temera. 

Thanks to this integration, the user can interact with the product in a personalised way, making use of special dedicated contents, and possess a unique digital object. An NFT (Non-Fungible-Token) is in fact connected to each scarf and can be added to one’s wallet, representing not only an exclusive digital design object, but also certifying ownership and guaranteeing the authenticity of the product itself.

The collaboration between Temera and Faliero Sarti is confirmation of the fact that tradition and innovation, two apparently opposing worlds, can in fact co-exist and interact in a mutual exchange of added value. Thanks to this collaboration, an object synonymous with luxury and tradition is transformed into a must-have, thanks to technology.

Faliero Sarti thus launches a strong signal of innovation, casting its gaze to the future, backed by a wealth of experience and craftsmanship. At the same time, solutions such as those designed and managed by Temera succeed in bringing the customer experience to a whole new level, helping to create an even stronger link between the brand and consumer, exploiting technology as a loyalty-building vehicle.

Faliero Sarti

Luxury accessories label Faliero Sarti was founded by Monica Sarti in 1991, following the great success of her family business specializing in textiles for fashion houses such as Giorgio Armani, Ann Demeulemeester, and Vivienne Westwood. Her collection of magnificent scarves offers accessories in cashmere, silk, and wool in a spectacular range of colors.