Temera & Everledger
Blog 09/09/2020

Temera & Everledger

A new partnership to foster the technological ecosystem enabling circular economy for Fashion & Luxury industry

A concrete application, coming from this industrial collaboration is MYMCQ, nerve center of the “technology-driven” MCQ brand, new born from Alexander McQueen.

Temera, leader in IoT solutions for the fashion & luxury industry, and Everledger, a pioneer in digital transparency, announce their strategic collaboration.

This partnership will foster the adoption of an easy-to-use technology for the certification of authenticity and storytelling to the final consumer, putting in place Temera’s decade of experience in the fashion sector, and the suite of cutting-edge solutions for traceability and Everledger’s customer experience.

The first concrete application resulting from this collaboration is operational on MCQ, the new fashion brand launched last week by Alexander McQueen, a company part of the Kering conglomerate. For years, Temera has been offering McQueen its solutions for the identification and traceability of the product chain using RFID-UHF technology. An additional chip with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology has been added to the products of the new line, which allows the interaction of the products with the final consumer through the use of smartphones. Everledger completes, with blockchain technology, the writing and management of a real “digital twin” of the physical product.
The information, which goes from the birth of the product to its distribution, is accessible with the highest level of security by the consumer who can, in a phase following the first purchase, decide to “transfer” the ownership of the garment by reselling it in the second hand market and transferring ownership of the used product to the buyer.
An evolutionary step that marks an absolute milestone for McQueen as a pioneer in the adoption of highly innovative solutions.
Side/top: an example of an NFC tag with Blockchain protocol. Found on the swing tag of each garment, it allows interaction of the same with the consumer through the use of a smartphone. Photo credit MCQ
In terms of functionality, Alexander McQueen takes a step forward with MCQ also in terms of authentication.
Each icon presented by MCQ is fully traceable through its MYMCQ digital platform, a unique system of its kind that uses blockchain and NFC technology to unlock innovative features. MYMCQ provides historical information, moreover it represents a multimedia hub where anyone can interact with the brand, access behind-the-scenes content, interviews with collaborators and other creatives within the MCQ community and more.
Side/top: the MYMCQ portal that functions as a real “media hub” of the brand. Photo credit MCQ
For this partnership, Temera managed the adoption of NFC tags that allow you to digitally register each garment in a unique way and to have its digital twin online, on MYMCQ. Temera has also integrated its platform Stylewhere with the Everledger one, which makes it possible to record the events relating to the history of each individual item and associated data on a distributed and immutable register. Temera stands out for its specific know-how, gained in response to a strong need to solve problems related to the optimization of logistical and production processes in the fashion sector, which include anti-counterfeiting, gray / parallel market control, and ever more pervasive and loyal customer experiences.

Everledger has developed the MYMCQ website, a Blockchain-based technology platform that allows brands and consumers to securely register and trade clothing designed by a selection of designers. MYMCQ will also be the focal point for a customer community. Everledger’s technology enables the creation of a secure and permanent digital record of each piece of clothing using blockchain technology. In addition to the security implicit in the technology, one of the advantages is the user experience: the entire life cycle of each garment is accessible online, from when and where it was designed to the first purchase and even resale. Consumers can rest assured that they are buying authentic items, whether they are sold directly by MCQ or peer-to-peer, helping to combat counterfeit luxury goods. By allowing an easy resale of items among consumers, MCQ hopes to encourage more conscious consumerism.
“In the fashion ecosystem, non-digital certifications are complex and expensive, while supplier monitoring systems are inadequate to meet the ever-increasing need for transparency. Thanks to the partnership with Everledger, we are able to increase consumers’ confidence in the brand, making a full history easily available and shareable. With the combined use of NFC and blockchain technology, now brands can bring to light second hand market re-selling activities, fueling the need for sustainability by new generations of consumers thanks to the enablement of a circular economy.”
Arcangelo D’Onofrio, CEO of Temera
Innovating with a view to sustainability means thinking about the overall impact on the environment. MCQ’s designers have created an end-to-end packaging system to significantly reduce excess waste, which means they use the same packaging along the entire production chain until it reaches the consumer. The same packaging preserved by the first consumer can be reused in the second hand market as an integral part of the product.
Photo credit MCQ
MCQ’s idea of ​​collaboration does not respond to the typical constrains of co-branding. It is a fluid conversation between emerging creatives around the world and provides them with a global platform to bring their ideas to life.
This democratic approach means that MCQ can autonomously define the releases of its collections instead of being subject to the usual seasonal fashion hierarchy. Working in six-month cycles, at least three ‘drops’ of new icons are expected, each telling an entirely new story, from images to collaborators to the launch event and location.
Photo credit MCQ
A further push to the change of concept that has been emerging in recent years in the fashion scene and which enhances Alexander McQueen’s choice to use UHF technology and the Stylewhere platform for product traceability and to serve the customer with what they want: right product at the right time in the right place.

MCQ recognizes the contribution made by the partnership: “Core values ​​for MCQ, are creating a community of people on the same page, functioning as an enabler to connect people and bring them together. We are excited about what is happening among the people who they interact with each other, for the result brought by the group, rather than a single individual. Therefore it makes us very happy that our friends from Temera and Everledger, who met through MCQ, are about to embark on a partnership together. “
“This strategic partnership encapsulates the key values for each organisation, around pioneerism, transparenc, openness, and decentralisation. It’s such an incredible opportunity to take the fashion industry to the next stage, integrating cutting-edge technology to centuries-old craft. MCQ has pushed the use case for their consumers further and further, and having a fantastic partner like Temera has enabled us to have such an incredible launch in a very short amount of time.”
Calogero Scibetta, Head of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships Everledger
“It is not every day that we see the birth of a brand, let alone one that connects two worlds: fashion and technology. MYMCQ is an outstanding achievement by the visionaries at MCQ and a very dedicated group of people that turned that future into reality. We’re honoured to be part of a project that will change the fashion industry forever, and for the better. More circular, more sustainable, more connected with their end consumers. I’m looking forward to building ever more simple and scalable solutions for the apparel industry.”
Leanne Kemp, Everledger’s founder and CEO