Pinko promotes the circular economy through an upcycling project in full respect of sustainability thanks to the contribution of Temera



Pinko promotes the circular economy through an upcycling project in full respect of sustainability thanks to the contribution of Temera

Technology used

Towards a "greener" Fashion certified by Blockchain technology.

Reimagine. A single word, with the right prefix, encloses the philosophy of an entire project.

So Pinko re-imagines the environmental impact of its collections, embracing a philosophy that aims at reducing waste and a more conscious use of resources.

And in the same way it re-imagines the way to transmit these values to its customers making possible an approach of transparency thanks to Temera’s platform for sustainability.

An NFC tag introduced in the clothes is the access door to the Reimagine world where each product is uniquely identified and is able to tell its story through a "birth certificate".

The garments of the collection have been made rethinking a necessary ways to impact the fashion industry as little as possible: any Pinko archive pieces have been reinterpreted to give life to new clothes, reusing their raw materials.

The transformation process, is certified during all the steps through the Blockchain technology, the platform where info such as the use of raw materials and the hours of tailoring are transcribed in an immutable way. The veracity of this information can be controlled by the consumer thanks to the service "Verified by Virgo" that allows to access to the “blocks” of information notarized within the network.

Especially this year, the attention to waste and respect for the environment has become even more intense and Fashion has also taken place to do its part. Caterina Negra, creative director of Pinko, said: «For me it has always been very important to create new collections that are consistent with my vision and aesthetics, but I am also aware of our responsibility within the fashion industry. For this reason, I am proud to have promoted this pioneering project that aims to a responsible approach and triggers a transparent dialogue between the brand and an increasingly aware consumer».

Reimagine: A style that comes from the past to give life to uniqueness in the name of "Green"

«Every day we feel increasing pressure from the market for simple solutions that help companies in a concrete way to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability» declares Arcangelo D'Onofrio CEO of Temera. «We also record a phenomenon that we call "digital urgency" which has accelerated the way in which the product is at the center of the interactions between brand and customer».

Temera, through its platform of services and technologies, is able to provide a "Digital Voice" to the product, connecting it to “internet of things” that is growing and becoming more and more concrete in everyday reality.

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