Jewellery Traceability and Customer Experience in High Jewellery
Blog 23/02/2023

Jewellery Traceability and Customer Experience in High Jewellery

Technologies such as IoT and RFID have changed and redefined the way High Jewellery brands and products are perceived.


Although High Jewellery is a creative and manual art form, where design, flair and knowledge of materials are fused with the ancient world of craftsmanship, today new technologies have also become part of the "high jewellery" ecosystem, cleverly integrating and providing applications for the benefit of companies and consumers.

Thus, in today's world, we are talking about "smart" jewelry, jewelry tracking, live streaming of fine jewelry events, and also a truly unique and memorable in-store experience.

All this is possible thanks to technologies such as IoT and RFID, which have changed and redefined the way we perceive brands, products, as well as the way we experience in-store.

High Jewellery or Smart Jewellery?

We live in a "smart" age where everything is connected and in constant relationship.

This transformation is global and does not only affect the sectors closest to new technologies but is an all-encompassing phenomenon. Every market sector is becoming "digitized" and is increasingly oriented toward the introduction of IoT technologies as well as big data and artificial intelligence within its production process.

The Luxury Fashion world, for example, has been investing in these innovative technologies for years in favor of traceability of products and raw materials throughout the supply chain, as well as in favor of the fight against counterfeiting and the black market.

But even a sector like High Jewellery has been able to renew itself and introduce technologies capable of offering real added value to its customers.

Thus, we speak of "Smart Jewellery," that is, high jewelry products capable of relating to objects and environments.

Precious jewelry therefore "hides" a high-tech soul, integrating into our daily life offering functionality previously unthinkable for a piece of jewelry. A perfect encounter between art and technology that offers us a range of precious jewelry such as bracelets, rings and earrings that are increasingly connected.

Jewelry Traceability and "Sustainable Jewelry"

In the world of fine jewelry, many companies have introduced full traceability of their jewelry, thanks to technologically advanced solutions.

The buyer is thus assured of buying original, ethical and sustainable jewelry from the beginning to the end of the supply chain.

Some industry brands, for example, have made an app available to their customers through which they can have real-time information about their favorite jewelry, such as the origin of the gold, the meaning of the stones or virtually try on the jewelry thanks to augmented reality solutions.

In other cases, customers may be concerned about not receiving an authentic stone, which is why there is a move in the industry toward complete traceability of jewelry and its stones, guaranteeing authenticity and moving toward sustainable luxury.

In fact, an action of control and verification of the entire supply chain of raw materials makes it possible to guarantee a certification of origin but also responsible sourcing and greater "sustainability" in the sector.

To protect an increasingly widespread "sustainable jewelry" certified companies such as LBMA (London Bullion Market Association.), RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) or other bodies that apply the OECD guidelines on Responsible Gold" have programs aimed at verifying the legitimacy of gold and silver supply chains, ensuring that sourcing meets international ethical standards.

Jewelry in Store Marketing and Customer Experience  

In an increasingly digitized marketplace, the in-store experience needs to be redefined. 
Consumers are looking for experiences to share, an experience that is human and highly personalized to their needs.

This makes the role of the store increasingly central as in-store interaction and engagement with exceptional staff and memorable products are now a central part of the sale.

Being able to have technologies that analyze customer behaviors in relation to the jewelry on display helps retailers more accurately identify customer needs, build relationships, and personalize the shopping experience to the fullest extent possible.

Creating a positive and engaging in-store experience really makes a difference in a Jewelry in Store Marketing strategy.

With IoT, it is therefore possible to create an inspiring environment that provides an emotional effect and is capable of collecting data during the sales ceremony.

IoT for Jewelry Stores and High Jewelry Events 

Temera, leader nelle soluzioni IoT per il settore Fashion/Luxury & Retail, ha sviluppato soluzioni tecnologicamente avanzate per l’alta gioielleria, in grado di andare incontro alle esigenze di customer experience e analisi della cerimonia di vendita.Leveraging the potential of RAIN RFID technology, Temera has given a "digital voice" to jewelry by helping Jewelry companies meet customer expectations through innovative solutions that allow them to rely on a powerful and integrated in-store marketing strategy.

So let's talk about a smart jewelry tray that can track products in store or during fine jewelry events.

Outwardly, it is a tray quite the same as a classic fine jewelry tray, but inside is a UHF RFID reader optimized to read only the tags resting on top of it.

In addition, the mobile App that operates the RAIN RFID reader shows the jewelry data on view to the customer and collects information of interest.  
A "smart" high jewelry tray that provides benefits to customers and Sale Assistant:

  1. Shows the customer the characteristics of the jewelry of interest, providing the Sales Assistant with constantly updated product content to support them during the sale.
  2. Analyzes the sales ceremony by collecting data on the customer who is viewing the products, the Sales Assistant who is handling it, the list of products shown, the time each product was shown and possibly tried on.
  3. Track the movement of jewelry during fine jewelry events to pinpoint the location of each piece of jewelry throughout the event allowing for improved operations and business insights.

Thus, the use of IoT technologies for fine jewelry brands allows them to optimize strategies and personalize the customer experience, thanks to information gathered during jewelry movement and sales ceremony analysis.

A true ally, as valuable and brilliant as the gems themselves.