Manages the customer experience in a 1:1 relationship with the product, activating the digital product passport and certification of product authenticity

The T.journey module makes it possible to build an environment of sharing and connection between the brand and the end customer, who can interact with the product simply by bringing his or her smartphone close to a physical touch point such as an NFC Tag or a QR Code.

Business needs:

  • Providing a Digital Warranty
  • Recognition of suspicious activities and mapping of the counterfeit market
  • Enhancement of CRM & Clienteling activities
  • Boosting customer bonding and loyalty
  • Enablement of the Digital Product Passport

T.journey: how to forge an unbreakable bond with the customer.

The T.jurney module offers an innovative way of communication and engagement that aims to build customer loyalty by offering exclusive services from the certificate of authenticity to customised digital experiences.

Main Features

  • Customer relationship management through physical interaction with the product 
  • Digital certificate of authenticity
  • Redirection of the customer to the brand's web page
  • Product registration on brand platforms
  • Creation of specific experiences and exclusive customer benefits.
  • Redirecting the customer to the Digital Product Passport.
  • Blockchain and NFT product enablement.
  • Tracking customer activity by geography, language, device.

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