ottimizza-certifica-ricevimenti-magazzino-e-controlla-i-flussi degli-hub-logistici


Optimises and certifies warehouse receipts and controls logistics hub flows to counter the parallel market

T.logistics is the module for the management of the entry and exit of products from the warehouse with proven process speeding.

T.logistics defines and tracks the quality control flow, manages returns from the sales network and increases the quality of package management. Thanks to the tags embedded in each product, T.logistics takes full advantage of RFID - UHF (Ultra High Frequency) technology, which enables automatic wireless communication and mass reading of tags over long distances.

Business needs 

T.logistics is an indispensable support for maintaining control of distribution beyond the company's natural boundaries, from e-commerce platforms to wholesale distribution.

  • Fight against the grey/parallel market
  • Inbound, outbound and inventory processes acceleration 
  • Goods handling control
  • Shipping errors reduction
  • Product localisation

T.logistics: how to maximise logistical efficiency

T.logistics' flow tracking makes it possible to combat the parallel and 'grey' market. In addition, the module ensures the massive handling of goods, increases process quality, certifies shipments and reduces the effort when goods enter the warehouse.

Main features    

  • Inbound and outbound management of individual parcels, manually and via gate.
  • Status monitoring and validation of packages by commodity class.
  • Integration with company WMS.
  • Real-time tracking of packages.
  • Conveyor and gate performance monitoring.

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