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Press 18/04/2024
Temera, Laika and Stride at Milan Design Week

Artificial intelligence applied to motorhomes, for slow travellers

Press 26/04/2021
Milano Finanza

Solidarity Leader 2021

Press 20/04/2021
Piambianco News

Temera innovates the fashion and luxury segment in a visionary way

Press 18/04/2021
Fashion Magazine - Marzo / Aprile 2021

Social? Too sticky. Politically correct engagement is done with digital labels.

Press 06/04/2021
Milano Finanza Fashion

Temera: "Supply chain transparency is key for recovery"

Press 02/03/2021
Financial Times

FT 1000: the fifth annual list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies

Press 18/02/2021
Milano Finanza Fashion

Temera release Everywhere for omnichannel distribution

Press 28/01/2021
Italia Oggi

Wines, frauds and fakes revealed thanks to NFC tags, the labels that communicate with smartphones

Press 16/12/2020
Milano Finanza Fashion

Dolce & Gabbana bets on the virtual boutique experience with Temera

Press 21/04/2020
Virgo at the service of Fashion & Luxury

How Blockchain technology can help brands in the Post-COVID19 era

Press 21/10/2019
Milano Finanza

Luxury accessible just with a Smartphone