Retail Project 4.0 : RfId for the Fiorella Rubino chain.



Retail Project 4.0 : RfId for the Fiorella Rubino chain.

Technology used

The project aims to implement RfId Technology to improve the Retail experience, to better the precision of inventory and to make in-house stock information available real time.

Efficiency Speed Precision, Inventory Accuracy, Flexibility and Punctual stock turnaround are the essential elements at the basis of this project as well as being fundamental principles of the Miroglio Fashion.

This project was created through the application of an extensive knowledge of RFID in the fashion sector using the software Platform TMR Core by Temera; a modular framework which applies RFID technology to retail management.

The project aims to introduce a system of single item / product traceability through RFID chip labeling which is implemented in the production phase of the product in the form of a coded RFID item tag. This in turn can be read at any one given time, from when the product leaves production to the warehouse, in transit between retail points through inventory up to the eventual sale.

The system allows the identification of each individual item from a distance and facilitates the smooth management of in-house stock management thus benefitting efficiency and precision of the logistics chain. It also enables multichannel processing which can impact sales significantly.

The project involves 170 shops in the Fiorella Rubino chain and all forms of merchandise of the brand from clothing to accessories. Distinguishing itself both on an Italian and European level, for the sheer amount of numbers involved, the project aims to have all shops completely “tagged”. As well as all stages of the retail process from the central warehouse to sales to management of returns and anti theft.

“RFID Brand Fiorella Rubino” was selected by the ‘Osservatorio Iot del Politecnico di Milano and won the award for Miglior Progetto BtoB al NC DIGITAL AWARDS

We believe profoundly in the importance of new technologies in the continued development of retail and an ultra-efficient service for our clients

Francesco Cavarero
Group Chief Information Officer di Miroglio Group

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