Faster. Smarter. More Efficient.
Événements 24/03/2023

Faster. Smarter. More Efficient.

How to achieve operational excellence within the Fashion and Luxury sectors.


The event organized by TEMERA in collaboration with LAUNCHMETRICS on the topic of sample tracking management through RFID took place in Paris, with the presentation of PINKO's case history. 

From the union of two excellences, LAUNCHMETRICS, the leading Brand Performance Cloud used by the largest fashion, cosmetics and luxury companies, and TEMERA, the leader in tracking in the F&L sector, came the event that took place in Paris last March 21, the setting was the iconic Salle Gustave Eiffel located inside the city's signature monument. Focus of the meeting was the case history of PINKO, an internationally established Italian fashion brand. 

Speakers included Giovanni Fiorio, Partner Account Director at Launchmetrics and Davide Giunta, Sales Director at Temera. Marco Ruffa, Digital Transformation Director explained Pinko's journey in applying the solutions proposed by Launchmetrics and Temera.

Fiorio and Giunta focused on the peculiarities of the collaboration between their companies. Fiorio emphasized that Launchmetrics provides companies with the tools and intelligence they need to optimize the use of creative resources, execute articulate brand amplification programs, and measure brand performance. Launchmetrics' intelligence enables companies to grow their businesses by streamlining processes and emphasizing profitability, accountability and efficiency, accelerating decision-making paths. 

Giunta explained the special features of TEMERA, now one of the leading IoT solutions companies for product management via RFID. As brands seek to reduce waste, become more sustainable, and reduce losses, RFID technology helps them measure and optimize their product management processes, minimizing their environmental impact, increasing stock accuracy so as to limit production surplus, and reducing unsold inventory.

Marco Ruffa brought direct experience from a fashion company, illustrating PINKO's strategy. It was interesting to hear from his voice the list of problems that an enterprise faces on a daily basis. From the lack of monitoring tools, to constantly moving samples, from the manual nature of many grading operations, to the traceability of samples and the need to identify them in their final location. There were numerous examples that Ruffa dwelled on that were creating various impediments in the company prior to the adoption of Launchmetrics and Temera's integrated product. After a year, Pinko could see the benefits: time saved while receiving samples, retrievable with immediacy and ease, exact traceability on their movements, automatic and real-time tracking of samples in the company, reduced losses, decreased costs, easily exportable reports.

Digital transformation impacts the entire supply chain:  

  • decreases time-to-market by saving on data integration costs;  

  • gains control of valuable prototype, sample and product assets;  

  • gives real-time visibility of movements directly from production;  

  • reduces bottlenecks through more accurate data integrations by directly linking ERP, PLM and DAM systems;  

  • reduces the carbon footprint and overall number of shipments and sample movements through increased efficiency and maximization of product requirements;  

  • gives access to trusted partners who will work together to provide the data, technical support and know-how needed to get the job done.  

Temera and Launchmetrics represent excellence in providing analytical tools and technological support to companies that, increasingly, need to initiate traceability and transparency processes as an implementation of the circular economy, essential for the future of business.