Monitor data from all processes and analyse business KPIs

T.insight is the Decision Intelligence module, which provides brands with an immediately understandable and highly usable data analysis and KPIs dashboard, already set up on business-oriented data.

T.insight's Decision Intelligence enables the full potential generated by information management at the individual product level to be exploited thanks to its Decision Support Sistem.

Business needs:
T.insight is the tool that supports every area of the business and enables various objectives to be achieved:

  • Increase sales
  • Reduction in time to market
  • Expansion and optimisation of the offer
  • Cost Reduction
  • Real-time analysis and diagnostics 
  • Improvement in customer engagement
  • Monitoring of grey and parallel markets

T.insight: how to make the best decisions for your business

T.insight dashboards provide valuable KPIs for all business processes tracked by the Stylewhere modules, from sourcing to T.journey customer experience, via production and retail.

Main Features:

  • Raw material tracking data and product sustainability KPIs
  • Production data with worker performance KPIs
  • Logistics data with handling performance KPIs
  • Store operations data with inventory and sales performance KPIs
  • Customer experience data and monitoring of parallel market and suspicious activity

T.insight provides the brand with a detailed and immediate insight into the status of processes, offering a huge competitive advantage in business decisions.

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