Distributed Order Management System

Order from anywhere - Fulfill from anywhere

Order from anywhere - Fulfill from anywhere

By 2022, the 85% of the interactions with a brand by customers will be of a ‘self service’ type compared to the 48% found today.

Projecting one’s holistic vision on the needs of the modern consumer, Temera has decided to give life to Everywhere, a centralized access point, unified, able to mix the typical experiences of the digital world and physical retail, in order to enhance its benefits.An orchestrator that is at the center of the information ecosystem of companies and it is able to interrogate in mode ‘near real time’ numerous sources.

All this is possible thanks to sophisticated dynamics of data management and with harmonization of information between different legacy environments - from the erp to the e-commerce suite up to the crm - and sublimates. With the use of RFID technology, able to ensure stock accuracy, the process gets completed. 

The availability of product is constantly evaluated by a decision-making intelligence engine that can balance very complex parameters before implementing a “fulfillment” strategy. 

Consequently will serve the consumer’s demand: The expected “delivery” is balanced with the cost of the staff who will handle the shipment, together with the impacts due to the distance of the different locations that can make a product available.Everywhere is able to provide a complete service from consulting a unified catalog of products, both to managing the customer’s path from online purchase to delivery - in any pick up point - and managing return requests.

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