Temera revolutionizes Boggi Milano's retail network
Press 04/02/2024

Temera revolutionizes Boggi Milano's retail network


Florence, February 2024 - Temera, a globally leading company in product traceability and serialization for the fashion and luxury markets, has recently partnered with Boggi Milano, a renowned menwear brand, to revolutionize the retail network through an innovation and optimization project for store operations.

The primary goal of this partnership was to address challenges related to inventory, stock management, and merchandise movement, aiming to enhance operational efficiency and drive improvements in sales performance. 
Temera played a key role in designing a tailored solution, shaping it according to Boggi Milano's business needs and integrating it with the technological solutions already in use in retail processes.

"The ease of use, adaptability, and scalability of the solution, coupled with the deep synergy with the Boggi Milano team, were key elements of the success and rapid adoption," says Antonio Sigismondi, Head of Presales Consultancy Team and Account Manager at Temera.
"From June to October of last year, over 80 retail locations were involved, and thanks to our contribution, they experienced tangible benefits in terms of operational efficiency and inventory quality."

The project resulted in improved inventory accuracy, reaching a precision of 99%, along with faster retail operation times and simplified merchandise movement in and out of stores. Additionally, the management of end-of-season returns to the HQ warehouse was successfully integrated.

"The outcome, achieved in record time, has been exceptional," states Marco Benasedo, Chief Information Officer of Boggi Milano. "With Temera's contribution, our system has not only been enhanced and optimized, reducing reception times in stores, but it has also allowed us to increase inventory accuracy. From two inventories per year for each store, we are now able to conduct an inventory every week. This has had a significant impact on streamlining omnichannel processes."

The success of this collaboration demonstrates the commitment of both companies to innovate and continuously improve their performances, bringing tangible benefits to the retail experience for Boggi and its customers.