Sassicaia defends the value of their bottles, thanks to the help of temera



Sassicaia defends the value of their bottles, thanks to the help of temera

Technology used

Protect the product, the brand, the consumer. With t!Journey platform this is possible, just with a "tap".

In this increasingly connected world, counterfeiting of luxury goods is reaching a record business . Good quality wines are one of the products that most easily attracts counterfeiters. They can be structured realities capable of placing real clones on the market or simple restaurateurs who wish to profit from the sale of a counterfeited product.

Sassicaia is a very highprofile brand. The production of the wine is allowed in a specific area of Castagneto Carducci and produced with at least 80% Cabernet Sauvignon. Every vintage allows the bottling of a limited number of bottles. Bolgheri Sassicaia is one of the finest Italian wines, the famous "Super Tuscany" that rivals with the best wines from all over the world. There is no doubt that a product of such a high level needs to be protected, and that the consumer who decides to have the tasting experience of that kind of wine need to have a guarantee of authenticity that can be easily verified.

That's why Sassicaia chose Temera solution t!Journey: all the bottle from 2015 are safely equipped with NFC technology

“Tapping” the label on the bottle the customer will receive a certification of authenticity. With the interaction with the mobile the consumer will be able to access to a dedicated page of the brand, with info of the wine, history of Sassicaia and other useful content and info.

The data that the brand receive, collected thanks to the “tap” by the consumers, are used by the company to better understand the dynamics of distribution of the product and the wine consumption. (Because the majority of interactions happens before buying or before tasting). 

A project that remarks the attention that Sassicaia has for the customer experience and which denotes an innovative spirit that Tenuta San Guido company has, projected into the future thanks to the solidity of its traditions.

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